Cameras and Monitoring

Dash Cams

Dash Cam 300

Our highest end dash cam offers collision and lane departure warning along with a 2-inch screen and a builit-in GPS for video location tagging. It also includes

  • 16 GB SD card
  • Super HD video
  • Extra-wide angle with minimal distortion
  • Automatic night mode
  • Time lapse video
  • G sensor which automatically saves videos of collisions
  • Secure rugged mount

Dash Cam 100

The Dash Cam 100 pairs compact design with high-quality video. Whether recording a traffic incident or a sunset, the Dash Cam 100 is your go-to device.

  • 4 GB SD Card
  • 1.5 inch screen
  • HD video
  • Extra-wide angle with minimal distortion
  • Night mode adjusts automatically
  • Time lapse shows key moments from your drive
  • G sensor automatically saves videos of collisions
  • Secure rugged mount

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

With an additional tire pressure monitoring system, you’ll be able to quickly access the temperature and pressure of each individual tire on your car, so you know which tire to fill and when.

  • Measures tire pressure and temperature for each tire 
  • Easy to install–simply screw one sensor on to each tire and connect via Bluetooth® 
  • View your tire pressure & receive alerts on your smartphone or OverDryve™ device. Download the app for iOS or Android from the iOS App Store or Google Play

Wireless Backup Camera

The Wireless Backup Camera for OverDryve  installs easily and transmits the image to your OverDryve™ device.

  • Visible even at night or in low light 
  • Easier to install than hardwired cameras
  • Excellent signal range
  • No interference withsecurity cameras or baby monitors
  • Works exclusively with OverDryve™