E-Log Devices

ELD 50®

Make compliance a snap with the ELD 50. It plugs into the diagnostics port right below your dash and leverages the technology drivers already have.

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DC 200™

BYOD electronic logging and fleet management featuring a built-in cellular modem and a sleek, low-profile design. 

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DC 200™ S

The DC 200™ S turns the TND™ 740 — Rand McNally's cutting-edge, 5th generation truck navigation device — into a compliant E-Log solution. 

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TND™ 765

The TND™ 765 is a mobile fleet management solution that is easy to install, easy to use, and provides the critical features fleets need to manage and optimize their business.

HD 100

The HD 100 adds compliant E-Logs to your tablet, smartphone, or IntelliRoute® TND™. Simplifies HOS compliance and day-to-day duties, plus helps save time and money with more precise, automated logging.

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ELD Road Map

Find out everything you need to know about the ELD Mandate.

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E-Log Videos