Certified Electronic Logging Devices by Rand McNally

Our DriverConnect ELDs (electronic logging devices) are certified for compliance and listed on the FMCSA’s Registered Device List.

ELD 50®

The ELD 50® is an electronic logging device that plugs right into the truck's diagnostic port, and pairs with the DriverConnect app running on your smartphone or connected tablet.

Our user-friendly app makes viewing and certifying HOS logs a snap.

DC 200™

The DC 200 is a sleek, low-profile, single-cable electronic logging device that plugs into the truck's diagnostic port.  

Simply download the DriverConnect app to your smartphone or tablet (pre-installed on TND 740 & OverDryve Pro devices) and pair with the DC 200 to view, send, and certify logs.

A built-in cellular modem provides ongoing data transmission to the backend portal, where drivers and fleet managers can access HOS, vehicle locations, reports, messages, fuel data, and more.

DC 200™ S

Designed to meet compliance requirements of owner-operators and small- and medium-sized fleets, The DC 200 S snaps on to the back of the TND 740 — Rand McNally's cutting-edge, 5th generation truck navigation device — turning it into a compliant E-Log solution. 

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