ELD Buyer's Guide

Shopping for the right ELD can be an overwhelming experience. Take a look at our buyer’s guide to learn what to look for the find the best ELD for your needs.

Find the right vendor

When buying an ELD, the first thing you’ll want to do is a find a vendor with experience in the commercial transportation industry. You not only want a device that is compliant, but also one that offers features tailored to your business.

Look for up-to-date compliance capability

Regulations can change quickly. When making an ELD investment, look for devices that will automatically update to comply with changes to HOS rules.

Get the features you need

Today’s E-Log devices can do so much more than just HOS logs. In order to wade through all the available options, determine which features are most important to your business. ELDs can include truck-specific navigation, engine diagnostics, DVIR-capability, and third party software integration.

Stay cost-conscious

Becoming compliant can be a significant investment. If you’re an owner operator or small fleet owner, you may be able to leverage the technology your already have through a BYOD solution. Bring-your-own-device solutions allow you to pair your existing tablet or phone with an ELD, so that you can become compliant without the added cost.

Customer support and training

Getting the hang of any new device can be tricky. Be sure that your vendor offers training on how to properly use your ELD as well as ongoing customer support in case you encounter any issues down the road.

Q&A with our ELD Expert

We asked Ravi Kodavarti, Rand McNally’s Director of Commercial Products, for a quick overview to help put the new ELD rules in perspective.

ELD Certification

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