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Driver tested, driver approved fleet management solutions

From award-winning truck navigation to reliable Hours of Service logging to enterprise mileage and routing software, drivers and fleet owners alike choose Rand McNally. Our commercial technology solutions can be configured to meet the specific needs of drivers, small fleets, and enterprise carriers.

Complete Onboard Fleet Management

1 device, 1 cable, installs in minutes

Rand McNally fleet solutions install in minutes, are easy to use, and provide the critical features fleets need to manage and optimize their business.

If you’re looking to outfit your fleet with navigation, HOS compliance, and back office management capabilities, contact a fleet specialist to schedule a demo.

See what an onboard solution can bring to your fleet:


Rand McNally fleet management solutions are fully compliant with all current HOS regulations, allowing fleets to lower their risk of compliance violations, improve CSA scores, and increase driver safety and fleet efficiency.

  • Automated Hours of Service that eliminates the need for paper logs
  • Calculation of available driving hours and duty times
  • Built-in HOS wizard, state-specific HOS rules, and HOS alerts and warnings for drivers
  • Vehicle Inspection Reporting ensures drivers conduct their daily review of the tractor and trailer
  • Simplified log certification and correction


Communicate with and locate drivers 24/7, allowing you to monitor on-the-road job progress in real time.

  • Email application for free-form, true email-format messaging with drivers
  • Form-based message builder for creating frequently used email templates
  • PDF email attachments for sending permits, terminal maps, and other company documents to the device from the back office
  • Safe-drive mode featuring text-to-speech email playback
  • Optimized dispatch operations with Rand McNally Workflow application


Get constant insight into driver and vehicle location, performance and current activity, whether fleet managers are in the office or receiving automated alerts via email.

  • Satellite map view and proximity search capabilities to find nearby vehicles
  • Map breadcrumb trail for replaying vehicle events and positions
  • Automated arrival and departure notification
  • Route geofencing to curb out-of-route driving
  • User-configurable reporting on more than 300 vehicle and driver-specific metrics, including fuel, speed, and driver performance reporting
  • Critical event alerts notify managers when events such as possible accidents or or other critical events such as hard braking occur
  • View vehicle fault codes as they appear to proactively address vehicle maintenance issues


Truck-specific navigation can help fleets reduce out-of-route miles and inefficient routing, improving on-time delivery and reducing fuel expenses. Navigation features include:

  • Truck-specific routing based on truck height, width, weight, and load type
  • Immediate, automatic re-routing when turns are missed
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance for upcoming maneuvers
  • Warning system to alert drivers to upcoming sharp curves and speed limit changes
  • 3D Junction views allow drivers to see complex highway interchanges with specific lane guidance
  • End-of-day search lets drivers find overnight parking, repair centers, dining options and other Points of Interest
  • Rand McNally's market-leading database of commercial truck restrictions

BYOD E-Log Solutions

Become compliant by leveraging the technology your drivers already have

If you’re looking for a simplified compliance solution without another hardware investment, BYOD might be right for you. Check out the many benefits of BYOD:


Our "bring your own device" solutions pair with drivers' existing smartphones and tablets, allowing fleet owners the ability to avoid large hardware investments. We work with you to find a plan that meets your needs and stays within budget.


Because our BYOD solutions leverage the technology your drivers already have, there’s no need to learn an entirely new operating system. With a system this easy, there’s no need to worry about driver resistance.


Compliance in seconds, not hours. Drivers download the free DriverConnect app, plug the device into their dash's diagnostic port, and that's it!

Always up-to-date

Never worry about your drivers being compliant. Rand McNally BYOD solutions are cloud-based, so drivers will be notified to update their app whenever regulations change.


Unlike traditional E-Log hardware, our BYOD solutions are portable and app-based, allowing drivers to use their smartphone or tablet to perform DVIRs, and can be handed over to an officer during roadside inspections.

Let our fleet experts find the right solution for your business.

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Mileage & Routing Software

Providing enterprise software for shippers and carriers

Rand McNally's industry software is used by 91% of the top 100 motor carriers, 75% of IFTA agencies, and is integrated with over 82 transportation management applications.

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Improve back-office operations

Rand McNally’s mileage & routing software features improve the effectiveness of accounting and operations with simple, built-in calculation tools.
  • Calculate state-by-state mileage breakdowns and store in Excel® format
  • Negotiate rates using industry-standard HHG mileages with more than 10 billion possible mileage configurations
  • Use mileages to quickly calculate driver pay, audit fuel tax records, audit drivers’ logs and confirm bills of lading.
  • Customized routing can reduce out-of-route miles, saving fuel and minimizing costly tickets
  • Improve dispatch efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Manage your fleet with confidence

Superior data makes a difference. Rand McNally’s truck-specific routing, mileage and mapping spans more than 6,930,000 miles of North American truck-attributed roads with 38,500,000 uniquely attributed road segments.

  • Street-level, address-to-address routing across the United States, Mexico, and Canada
  • More than 900,000 miles of commercial truck restrictions and allowances throughout the database
  • More than 9,000 truck stops, fuel stops, and weigh stations
  • Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC) to identify unique geographic locations
  • Over 40,000 U.S. ZIP codes and over 800,000 Canadian postal codes updated twice per year

To learn more about our Fleet Management solutions or to schedule a demo, contact us today!