Lifetime Maps


The Lifetime Maps* program for Rand McNally's truck and RV GPS devices provides updated maps on an annual basis for your device.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 730, 530, 720 & 520 and RVND™ 7730/5, 7720/5 & 5525 owners: Your device is already eligible for free Lifetime Maps. Click "Register for Lifetime Maps" on the Rand McNally Dock to enroll.

IntelliRoute® TND™ 525 owners may purchase Lifetime Maps from Rand McNally's online store.

After purchasing Lifetime Maps, you will receive a confirmation email with a code to enter into the Rand McNally Dock. Plug in your GPS to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and enter the Rand McNally Dock. When prompted by the Dock, enter the Lifetime Maps code and follow the instructions to download the new maps to your device. 

I have Lifetime Maps. How do I receive map updates?

To receive an update, first make sure you register your GPS device using the Rand McNally Dock software on your computer with an Internet connection. After that, the Dock will notify you when an update is available for download. Look for the button that says "Map Update Available."

Don't have the Rand McNally Dock software? Download here.

Lifetime Maps

Terms and Conditions

Lifetime Maps provides the original purchaser of an eligible Rand McNally device with an annual base map update for this specific Rand McNally device, when and as such update is made available by Rand McNally, until the shorter of 1) the useful life of the specific Rand McNally device, or 2) such time as Rand McNally no longer receives updated content from its map supplier. High-speed Internet connection and Rand McNally Dock software are required. Lifetime Maps is not transferable to another person or another Rand McNally product. Lifetime Updates provided by the Lifetime Maps feature apply only to the same geographic map data originally included on the specific Rand McNally device at time of original purchase.