HD 100
HD 100

Adds compliant E-Logs to your tablet, smartphone, or IntelliRoute® TND™

  • Quick, Compact, Compliant
  • Simplified Hours of Service Compliance
  • Forget paper logs, trip sheets, DVIR forms and recording state mileage. The HD 100 tracks all of these for you.
  • Just $299.991
  • First 6 months of service included at no cost2

Simplifies HOS compliance and drivers' day-to-day duties, plus helps save time and money with more precise, automated logging.

1Devices not included. 2Service plan required; plan renewal is $99.99 for 6 months."

HD 100 E-Log Device Video

HD 100 E-Log Device Overview

A brief overview of the key features of the HD 100 E-Log device.

HD 100 E-Log Device - Installation Video

Maximize your day with E-Logs

The HD 100 Electronic Logging Device works with your tablet, smartphone, or IntelliRoute® TND™ to become a compliant E-Log system. With the HD 100 and the included 6-month service plan, you can:


  • Track and view On Duty, Driving, Off Duty and Sleeper Berth duty status time
  • Accurately record Driving & On Duty time by letting the system automatically switch between statuses
  • Complete Vehicle Inspection Reports & Trip Sheets electronically
  • Receive notifications of potential HOS violations with on-screen and audio alerts
  • Send logs directly by fax number or email address during an inspection
  • Access the Rand McNally Connect web portal to view log history

How it Works

The HD 100 plugs into the truck’s diagnostics port and connects Hours of Service information wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet, or TND™ HOS logs are available on the paired device and via the Rand McNally Connect web portal.

When you purchase the HD 100, the included User Manual will walk you through the activation process on the Rand McNally Dock™. This will involve pairing your HD 100 with any one of the following:

  • Android tablet or smartphone
  • iPad or iPhone
  • IntelliRoute® TND™ 730, 530, or 720
  • TND™ Tablet 70 and Tablet 80

(Recommended screen size 4.7" or larger.)

The Dock™ is a free software available for Rand McNally customers to register, back up and update their devices. Read more.

The HD 100 E-Log device requires a service plan to function. After your first 6 months of included service, you will need to link your HD 100 to the Dock™ by connecting the device to a computer with an internet connection via the USB cable provided, and purchase a six-month or one-year pre-paid service plan. 

For additional information, and to learn about add-on services available for the HD 100, visit the Rand McNally Dock™.


The HD 100 is compliant with current FMCSA Hours of Service rules and Vehicle Inspection Reporting regulations. As regulations change, Rand McNally will provide software updates via the Dock™. To remain compliant, simply connect the HD 100 to the Dock™ to obtain the updates. 

Key Features Include:

  • Automated Hours of Service: Reduce paperwork and save time
  • Calculation of complexities like the new 34-hour reset, required rest breaks, and the 60/70 hour rule
  • HOS alerts and warnings for drivers
  • Paperless, in-cab Vehicle Inspection Reporting to help ensure more proactive vehicle maintenance 
  • Ability to fax or email logbook information to law enforcement and transportation officials when inspected
  • Real–time, web–based access to HOS data via the Rand McNally Connect web portal


Hours of Service Compliance and Vehicle Inspection Reporting information is available 24/7 via the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Additional reports available through the web portal include Vehicle/Driver Info, State Mileage, State Line Crossing, and Events and Positions.

Key Features Include:

  • View HOS duty status totals, daily log graphs and violations for the last 6 months
  • View Vehicle Inspection Reporting entries for the last 3 months
  • View critical and up-to-date information about what a specific driver is doing right now (current HOS status, most recent DVIR entry, etc.)
  • View a record of miles traveled by state and fuel consumption for fuel tax reporting
  • View a record of where your vehicle has traveled and any incomplete logs, serving as an electronic trip sheet for all driver activity. 

Additional reports are available when you purchase add-on services through the Rand McNally Dock™.


Dimensions: 4 ½” (W) by 3 ¾” (H) 

Box Contents:

  • HD 100 device
  • HD 100 device tray
  • Get Started card
  • User Manual
  • Driver and DOT Quick Reference card
  • E-Log sticker for vehicle
  • 9-pin power cable
  • USB-to-Mini USB cable
  • Adhesive mounting strips (2)
  • Screws and nuts (4)
  • Cable Ties (4)

Service Plans

6-Month Renewal

Learn More