Highlight Bluetooth Tracker
Highlight Bluetooth Tracker

Never lose sight of your most important items with the Highlight Bluetooth® tracker.

Simply attach Highlight to any object, download the free Highlight™ tracking app, and end the daily car key hunt for good.

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Highlight tracker

Find it, keep it, track it

How it Works

  • With the free Highlight™ app, you can keep track of the location of multiple Highlight™ trackers
  • If a Highlight™ tracker is within Bluetooth range typically up to 100 feet with no barriers, you view its currently location on the app. If it's out of range, you can view its last known location.
  • You can also set your Highlight™ tracker to send an alert to your phone if it does go out of range.
  • Your Highlight™ tracker can also be configured  to work in reverse and locate your phone by making it ring.

Highlight Community

  • You can work together with other Highlight™ users to locate lost objects.
  • If an object is out of Highlight™ Bluetooth range and you can't find it you can mark it as "Lost" in your Highlight app.
  • Marking it as Lost opens up the possibility that
    someone in the user community might find and report the location of that Highlight™ tracker.

Find what matters most

Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check.

Free peace of mind included with every Highlight™.

Highlight your bike

Over a million bikes are stolen every year in America. Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Crowdsource your search

Even if a Highlighted item goes out of range, you can use the Highlight™ community to help you find it.

  • Download the free Highlight™ app, available for iOS and Android