IntelliRoute® TND™ 510

IntelliRoute® TND™ 510

  • ​5" Truck GPS device
  • Advanced route customization
  • Multi-stop entire route preview
  • Real Time Traffic compatible

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TND™ 510 Video

IntelliRoute® TND™ 510 Overview

Demonstration of the IntelliRoute® TND™ 510 in use by a Rand McNally product specialist.

Premier Truck Tools and Navigation

Rand McNally's 5" Truck GPS device loaded with features and tools for the over-the-road trucker. The IntelliRoute® TND™ 510 provides unique trucker business tools that will eliminate manual calculation of mileages, an efficient manner to calculate arrival time to your destination and more! The IntelliRoute® TND™ 510 incorporates input and hours of testing by professional drivers. This device was designed to help truckers in each phase of their work day from planning to driving to reporting. With 35% more truck routing information than 70 years in the commercial transportation industry.Export state-by-state and province mileage reporting, an enhanced quick planner, finding destinations by latitude and longitude and viewing current location by mile marker. These tools have been incorporated as a result of specific feedback from real professional truck drivers.

Truck GPS Features

The Rand Advantage

With 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units, the device leverages Rand McNally proprietary truck data and know-how derived from over 70 years in the commercial transportation industry. Through driver events, feedback from the Tell Rand feature on the TND™, and talking with truckers who are on the road full-time, Rand McNally stays in close touch with the driver community. IntelliRoute TND™ owners benefit from certain features available only from Rand McNally: RoadWork™ Construction Updates – Gives option to route around construction ahead of you Tell Rand – Our continuous improvement process incorporates driver feedback from suggestions entered right on the device Cross-references to Rand McNally’s printed Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas

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