Lightning quick. Cutting edge. Fully redesigned.

This fully redesigned, fifth generation TND™ device features a lightning quick, quad-core processor, double the storage capacity, and more. An updated user interface and magnetic mount makes the TND™ 740 easier to use while on the road. 

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Rand McNally TND™ 740

Rand McNally TND™ 740 Overview

ELD Ready When You Are

The TND 740 comes preloaded with the Rand McNally DriverConnect app, so if you decide to purchase a compliant Rand McNally ELD device, you’ll be ready to go.

The Rand McNally DriverConnect app syncs automatically with the Rand McNally DriverConnect portal. Here, you can view and print up to 6 months worth of E-Logs and see daily vehicle inspection reports.

Wi-Fi Connected Services*

Weather – Show current conditions and forecast, or choose from 10 different map overlays, including precipitation and wind speed
Fuel prices – View fuel prices on the map, or search by price, fuel type, or brand
Local search – Find local businesses, restaurants, and more by name or keyword
Lifetime Traffic Everywhere – Get traffic information, even in rural areas 

*User is responsible for all third-party data charges associated with Wi-Fi transmission. 

Enhanced Routing Features

Advanced lane guidance – Be prepared for what's ahead, whether you're approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection
Toll costs – View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls
Route comparison – Choose between a primary and alternate route
Fuel log – Track fuel purchases by date and by state; calculate current and average fuel economy
Quick Planner – Calculate mileage and profitability between any two cities or towns
Warnings – Set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more; set display preferences and warning distance
Destination entry – Find by address, zip code, or latitude and longitude


Customize your TND™ 740

With the TND™ 740, you can personalize the device to meet your driving needs:

  • Change the display brightness – Adjust for day and night driving and have the device automatically switch between the two.
  • Pick the way you want to search – Use the One-Box Search to find a destination by inputting the address in a single line. Or, use Classic Search to find a location by city, street or other designation.
  • Choose the tools you want – From setting warnings like “curve ahead” and “state line upcoming”, to incorporating weather ahead and traffic, the TND™ 740 helps professional drivers navigate more efficiently and safely.