Fleet Management & Compliance System

Fleet Management & Compliance System

TND 760 Full Mobile Fleet Management and Compliance System

  • Simplified, electronic Hours of Service compliance with over-the-air software updates when regulations change.
  • 1 device, 1 cable, 30-minute install

Low total cost of ownership with robust capabilities including mapping & reporting, electronic logs & VIR, email, navigation and performance monitoring.

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TND™ 760 Fleet Edition Videos

TND™ 760 Fleet Edition

The TND 760 is fully compliant with all current EOBR regulations. The electronic Hours of Service application allows fleets to lower the risk of compliance violations while helping to improve CSA scores, driver safety, and fleet efficiency.

TND™ 760 Quick Install

​See how to install the TND 760 in your cab. All parts included with the device.

Better Mobile Fleet Management

The TND™ 760, Fleet Edition is a mobile fleet management solution that is easy to install, easy to use, and provides the critical features fleets need to manage and optimize their business. Fleets, drivers and owner-operators alike benefit from the TND™ 760:

  • One device, one cable, installs in less than 30 minutes
  • Fleet email communications with cellular and Wi-Fi® connectivity
  • Electronic driver logs
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Driver and vehicle performance monitoring
  • Truck-specific navigation with 35% more truck data than other GPS units
  • Safe-drive mode featuring text-to-speech email playback and verbal turn-by-turn route guidance
  • HOS alerts and warnings for drivers

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Note: Features dependent upon service plan selected. 


TND™ 760 Service Plans

 TNDTM 760 service plans


Basic Plan

Enterprise Plan

Electronic Hours of Service

Keeps HOS records and logs time electronically. View HOS information on the device, and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Compliant with 49 CFR, 395.15.                     

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Reporting on the device. Pull reports, record repairs, and view information through the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Compliant with 49 CFR, 396.11 and 396.13.                     


Track vehicle location and info in near real-time including GPS position, speed, direction of travel, and driving hours available – all via the Rand McNally Connect web portal.


Two-way email messaging supporting up to 2,400 characters. Messages convert from text to speech while driving.                     

Driver Performance Scorecard

View critical driver performance statistics both on the device and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Statistics include idle time, hard brakes, over-revving the engine, and more.                     

Vehicle Performance Scorecard

View critical vehicle performance statistics and diagnostics both on the device and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal, for a specific truck in a fleet.                     

Alerts & Critical Event Reporting

Receive event alerts via the Rand McNally Connect web portal including speeding, hard braking, idling, geofence entrance and exit, running out of HOS time, and more. Receive second-by-second data when critical events such as hard braking occur.                     

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting

Automatic vehicle fault code detection for proactive maintenance. Access information both on the device and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal.                     

The Rand Advantage

With Rand McNally you get better mobile fleet management all around. The TND 760 offers a low cost, high value solution, and quick return on your investment. With Rand McNally and the TND 760, you also benefit from high driver acceptance, leading truck-specific navigation, unmatched customer support and integration with key TMS programs. Plus, we offer the knowledge and experience of more than 75 years in trucking innovation, all from a brand you already know and trust.

  • Sales of the TND760 Fleet Edition come with a 30–day money back guarantee. All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are USD. Applicable taxes not included. Features dependant on service plan selected. Restrictions apply.

    “Restrictions apply.”