TND™ Tablet 80
TND™ Tablet 80

  • Advanced truck GPS + Android tablet
  • IntelliRoute® TND™ navigation and features
  • 8" screen
  • On-board dash cam
  • Preloaded trucking apps

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TND™ Tablet: One device that does it all

For your truck, your business, your life.

TND™ Tablet Overview

A brief overview of the truck specific routing, preloaded apps and other tools and content that make up the 8" Rand McNally TND™ Tablet.

TND™ Tablet Features

Get an in-depth look at at the features of this advanced truck GPS and Android tablet all in one.

For your truck

Along your route, you may be looking for a place to stop. Or just trying to stay ahead of the weather. Whatever comes up, the TND™ Tablet 80 has you covered, with Rand McNally's truck routing, Lifetime Maps, and features to get you on your way.

  • Rand routing – With advanced lane guidance and split-screen junction view
  • Truck POIs – Travel centers, truck service locations
  • Weather – Ten different map overlays to view conditions along your route
  • Lifetime Traffic Everywhere – Covers major truck routes, plus local roads in urban areas
  • Dash cam on board – Just hit record

For your business

Only part of the job is behind the wheel. Driving professionally also means managing a business. That's why we've partnered with some of the leading apps in the industry to help you manage your day-to-day work. The TND™ Tablet 80 also includes all the driver-requested features of our latest IntelliRoute® TND™.

  • Preloaded trucking apps – Fuel manager, accounting, load board, document imaging
  • Fuel logs – Calculate current and average fuel economy
  • Live fuel prices – Sort by price, distance, or brand
  • Toll costs – View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls
  • Mileage – Record mileage and view by date or by state/province

For your life

Off the clock, when it's time for a break, just take the TND™ Tablet 80 from the magnetic mount and kick back. With so many possibilities on one device, what will you do first?

  • Check email
  • Browse the web
  • Read the news
  • Stream movies
  • Download games
  • Keep in touch with family and friends

TND™ Tablet Features

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