Connecting to your Car Stereo

Last Updated: September 01, 2016

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To stream audio from OverDryve to your car stereo system, the tablet must be in car mode. To put the tablet in car mode, place it on the Smart Mount and plug the mount into the power adapter.

You can listen to audio through any of the following methods:

  1. Connect via the AUX cable.
    1. Plug the right-angle end of the AUX cable (included in the box) into the OverDryve smart mount.
      Note: There is an AUX Out port on the Smart Mount and on the OverDryve. The cable must be plugged into the Smart Mount.
    2. Plug the other end into your car’s AUX jack.
    3. Set your car’s audio to AUX.

  2. Use the Smart Mount speaker.
  3. Use the FM transmitter.
    Note: If the AUX cable is plugged in, unplug it first.
    1. Attach the included FM antenna to the Smart Mount.
    2. On your OverDryve, tap Entertainment > FM Transmitter > On.

    3. Tune your car’s FM radio and find a channel with the least interference. The ideal channel will have only static and no other FM radio stations playing. Tune the FM transmitter to that frequency. If done properly, you should hear the static noise disappear.

    4. You should now hear all audio from OverDryve through your car’s FM radio. Play some audio/music on your OverDryve to test the sound quality. If you find the sound quality is not optimal, try the following:
      1. Tune your FM radio and OverDryve to a different station. Signal quality will vary depending on your geography and FM station interference in your area. It may take a couple tries to find the best frequency to use for optimal quality.
      2. Reposition your FM antenna. The FM transmitting antenna (attached to the smart mount) can be rotated and pointed in different directions. Depending on the placement of your car’s FM receiving antenna, rotating the FM transmitting antenna can improve your signal quality.
  4. Professional install
    Did you know that if your car doesn’t have a built-in AUX port, you can have one added?
    Learn more at

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