Downloading Apps

Last Updated: September 01, 2016

Categories: OverDryve

Rand McNally Market

In the Rand McNally Market, you can download a small number of apps created by Rand McNally and some of our partners. Your registration ensures you have access to app updates.

To access the Rand McNally Market:

  • Tap the app tray in the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Tap the Rand McNally Market icon.
    Note: There are two app screens. If you do not see the icon right away, swipe left to view more apps.)

Third Party App Stores

You OverDryve comes pre-installed with the Rand McNally Market, a dedicated Android app store with access to a small number of hand-picked apps designed to run in an in-car environment from Rand McNally and our partners.

When you’re using OverDryve as your everyday tablet, you can also get access to hundreds of thousands of popular Android apps by installing a variety of third-party Android app stores.

To download a third-party Android app store, turn on your OverDryve and connect to Wi-Fi. From the main menu, swipe to the left and tap Get Apps. This will open a page in your web browser with links and instructions to download and install.

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