TND Tablet Map Update Instructions

Last Updated: November 18, 2016

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This Map update is for:

  • All TND Tablet 70 devices
  • Earlier versions of TND Tablet 80 devices

Certain newer TND Tablet 80 units already have new GPS app and map data and will not receive this particular update. To verify if you have one of these newer units:

Check Settings → About Tablet → Model number

If this shows TNDT80B, then your device is a newer device that will not receive this update.


This is a two-part process, beginning with an update to the RM Services App, followed by the Truck GPS App & Map Data updates. You must install the RM Services update before you’ll be able to access the Truck GPS & Map updates.

Tips for a successful update:

  1. Make sure you tablet is plugged in to a charger to avoid interruptions in the download and installation process.
  2. It's important that your device maintains a constant connection to Wi-Fi throughout the entire process.
  3. Do not launch the GPS application once the download / installation process has started.

Part 1: Install the RM Services App update

1. Connect to Wi-Fi, preferably your home or other reliable network. Please note: If you choose to use your cellular hot spot, data usage could be as high as 4 GB.

2. Expand the notification bar in the top left corner of your device. Tap Download to initiate the RM Services update.

3. Once the download has finished, the RM Services installation screen will appear. Tap Install on the lower right side of the screen. Once the installation is complete, tap Done.

Part 2: Install the Truck GPS App & Map Updates

1. After installing the RM services app (Part 1), expand the notification bar to view the next update. Tap Download to initiate the Truck GPS app and map updates (you will see 5 files downloading).

2. Once the download has started, you will be prompted to install the Truck GPS app update. Tap Install. When you receive the App installed screen, tap Done.

3. When the four remaining files have finished downloading, the Map Data update will automatically start. This may take up to 20 minutes.

Confirm update success

Once the Map Data update process is complete, open the Truck GPS app and go to Preferences → Contact and About

Make sure the Version and Navi Date information match the following:

For TND Tablet 70 users:

Version 4.55.4026_T7X
Navi Date 2016-11-02


For TND Tablet 80 users:

Version 4.55.4026_T8X
Navi Date 2016-11-03

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