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    1. Does your Windows version of IntelliRoute® ‘s API work with .NET?
    2. I am using the IntelliRoute® Express Server with several types of clients (Windows and UNIX).
    3. How do I just view the directions in the itinerary and not the map?
    4. What does Smart City Browse do?
    5. In the past, IntelliRoute® drew a map for Quickest and Lowest Cost Routes, but not for Practical.
    6. Is there a way to add points to the system? What file format can I use?
    7. How do I get State Mileage Breakdown for my route?
    8. How do I not print the map and the cover sheet every time I print a route?
    9. When I go to reinstall the software, it requires an unlock code.
    10. I would like to build an application to call your program automatically. Do you have an API?
    11. I have tried to zoom down to the map level of a town, but I do not see city streets.
    12. I’m putting in MX for the state code of Mexico. Why are no cities being listed?
    13. When I type in a city and state inside the Mileage Inquiry box, nothing happens.
    14. How can I download the latest RoadWork report?
    15. I drive 53 foot long trucks, how can I set the settings for 53-foot trailers?
    16. What’s the difference between Quickest and Lowest-Cost routing?
    17. Is there a way to see a list of all the fuel stops, within a given route?
    18. Is there a way to setup fuel stops that I frequent, within a route?
    19. Will IntelliRoute® run on Windows Vista?
    20. Are their new features and functionality in the Guide 19 Release of IntelliRoute® ?
    21. If I am using the LAN version, do I update the Server for Guide 19 or re-run client setups?
    22. My Fuel Network I setup previously is no longer there after Guide 19
    23. Will IntelliRoute® ‘s maps reflect the changes after the update is installed?
    24. Will settings I have configured in IntelliRoute® be the same after the Guide 19 update?
    25. Will my Avoid and Prefer segments be retained when upgrading to Guide 19?
    26. Will my interfaces built to interact with IntelliRoute® need to be changed?
    27. What data changes will occur with the Guide 19 update?
    28. How can I install quarterly updates for IntelliRoute®?

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