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    1. How do I check available transactions?
    2. How do I load MileMaker into a different directory structure?
    3. When entering in Canadian Postal Codes, what format should they be entered?
    4. I have forgotten my User Id and Password for the Master Menu of UNIX Resident MileMaker.
    5. What permissions are needed to access MileMaker system files?
    6. Where can I check for any errors if the system is not responding properly?
    7. When launching routproc, main or aca, systems reports a “segmentation fault, or core dumped.”
    8. What vendors interface with UNIX Resident MileMaker?
    9. Will your Guide 19 software support IBM AIX in 64-bit mode?
    10. What type of communication for business applications to integrate with UNIX Resident MileMaker?
    11. How do I shut down routproc or aca processes on my system?
    12. How much disk space is UNIX Resident MileMaker?
    13. How do I know if the ACA is running?
    14. How do I know if routproc is running?
    15. What will the update program for Guide 19 bring over from Guide 18?
    16. Where will the Guide 19 product load on my system?
    17. Is there any changes to the interface in Guide 18?
    18. What affect does this Guide 19 update have on my trucking software that interfaces with MileMaker?
    19. What types of UNIX is MileMaker compatible in Guide 19?
    20. What does the asterisk (*) and pound (#) signs next to the cities listed when I enter a ZIP code?
    21. Is there a way to see my route on the map, after an HHG route has been calculated?
    22. Why does Optimization stay grayed out when I do a Mileage Inquiry?
    23. How do I avoid printing the map and the cover sheet every time I print a Practical Route?
    24. I receive the message: “Initialization of Client failed: Closing Application”
    25. When I go to reinstall the software, it requires an unlock code.
    26. I would like to build an application to call your program automatically. Do you have an API?
    27. My toolbars that used to be at the top of the screen have disappeared. Can I get them back?
    28. I have tried to zoom down to the map level of a town, but I do not see city streets.
    29. When I used MileMaker SP32 through the interface, I received “Error 66” when passing a valid ZIP
    30. I’m putting in MX for the state code of Mexico. Why are no cities being listed?
    31. When I type in a city and state inside the Mileage Inquiry box, nothing happens.
    32. How do I get State Mileage Breakdown for my route?
    33. What’s the difference between HHG and Practical Route?
    34. Will the MILES32.DLL and LAN Interface be available in Guide 19?
    35. My Avoid and Prefer settings do not appear on the map after the Guide 19 update.
    36. If I am using the LAN version of MileMaker SP32, how do I update the Server for Guide 19?
    37. Will settings I have configured in MileMaker SP32 be the same after Guide 19 update?
    38. What data changes will occur with the Guide 19 update?
    39. What is the difference between “Default Setup” and “Advances/Custom Setup” on AS/400 On-Demand?
    40. I am receiving awkward routing and directions when I run a practical route.
    41. Does your AS/400 have a TCP/IP interface to a network?
    42. How big is the AS/400 installation?
    43. Will this work with Innovative Computing Corporation (ICC) enterprise software?
    44. If I have a batch file with several point pairs and I need the mileages back, how can I get them?
    45. Can I add additional cities to the system?
    46. When I run a mileage, I get a mileage of 0 and a status of “E” in the MileMaker Inquiry screens
    47. Will there be any changes to interface programs MI110N and MI335N?
    48. What types of changes should I expect from Guide 19?
    49. How do I know if the router subsystem is running on my AS/400?
    50. How much more space will be necessary while upgrading to Guide 18?
    51. What will happen to Avoid and Preferred Segments configured in Guide 18 when I upgrade to 19?
    52. When I perform the Guide 19 update, what will happen to my user conversion (custom names) file?
    53. How do I check on my AS/400 On-Demand if I am running is Guide 18 or 19?

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