TND 760 Device Support


    1. My TND™ 760 is stuck at the Fleet Edition screen. What can I do?
    2. How do I access fault code information on my TND™ 760?
    3. How do I access driver performance information on my TND™ 760?
    4. How do I access Diagnostic information for my TND™ 760?
    5. How do I adjust the backlight on my TND™ 760?
    6. How do I mute the unit if alerts become distracting?
    7. Do I have to purchase map upgrades or is that included in the monthly service plan?
    8. Does the IntelliRoute® truck-specific navigation work in Mexico?
    9. Does the TND™ 760 enable real-time traffic?
    10. How do I send an email from the TND™ 760?
    11. Can an external email (not company related) initiate an email exchange with a TND™ 760 user?
    12. How do I show my driver logs on the TND™ 760 to a law enforcement official that pulls me over?
    13. How do I certify my DVIR entries and repairs?
    14. How do I add a new Vehicle Inspection Report on the TND™ 760?
    15. Does the TND™ 760 support the oil industry 12-hour, 24-hour or 34-hour resets?
    16. Is the TND™ 760 compliant with Canadian DOT rules regarding electronic logs?
    17. If I am completing a non-driving activity, does this still count toward my total Hours of Service?
    18. If I turn the TND™ 760 off and continue to drive, is that driving time recorded?
    19. How does the TND™ 760 work as an EOBR?
    20. My J-bus is not responding to the TND™ 760. What do I do?
    21. Nothing appears on my TND™ 760 screen when I turn the device on. What do I do?
    22. I am unable to connect to cellular modem, GPS or Wi-Fi® through my TND™ 760. How do I connect?
    23. I am unable to send or receive messages on my TND™ 760. What do I do?
    24. I am unable to register my TND™ 760. What do I do?
    25. What do I do if my TND™ 760 won’t power on or loses power intermittently?
    26. Why does my TND™ 760 have a USB port?
    27. Will my unit work without being plugged into my truck?
    28. How does my TND™ 760 receive annual map updates?
    29. What is the data plan associated with the service plan options for the TND™ 760?
    30. Will the TND™ 760 connect to an older truck (like a 1992 Peterbilt)?
    31. Can the TND™ 760 connect to a Ford F350 vehicle?
    32. I’m a team driver. How do I make sure both of us drivers can log in and use the same TND™ 760?
    33. What are the differences between a truck GPS and the TND™ 760?
    34. What do I do if I want to change my service plan?
    35. What do I do if I want to add another unit to my Rand McNally account?
    36. Can I get a discount if I want to purchase several TND™ 760 devices?

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