Truck GPS Support


    1. I have a camera icon on my screen. What is it?
    2. Why is the speed limit sometimes in an orange box and sometimes in a white box?
    3. Which back-up cameras are compatible with my device?
    4. What is the difference between Traffic Everywhere and Real Time Traffic?
    5. How is my ETA calculated?
    6. I received the following error: No truck-legal route could be found for this truck configuration.
    7. What does the Hours of Service alert mean?
    8. Can I use the computer to charge my device?
    9. My device will not route me over the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey
    10. What does the maintenance reminder alert mean?
    11. Can I use any USB power cord to power the device?
    12. How do I transfer my address book from an old device to a new one?
    13. My device is displaying an error: system file missing
    14. The address number I entered is really down the road from where the device says it is. Why?
    15. How do I view road construction?
    16. My device is displaying an error message: navi.exe
    17. How do I enter an address by latitude/longitude?
    18. How do I use the Address Book?
    19. Can I transfer data from another brand of GPS to my TND™?
    20. Using Wifi Connectivity
    21. My device is frozen at the truck screen
    22. How do I program and view a multi-stop trip?
    23. Can I back up addresses on my device?
    24. My device has an all-white screen, or vertical lines running through the screen
    25. How do I calculate a detour from my route?
    26. What is the Tell Rand feature?
    27. What is the SD card slot for? Can I load videos?
    28. I received a low memory warning. What should I do?
    29. Can I enter my own route into the device?
    30. How do the Timers, Logs, and Trails features work?
    31. How often should I check for updates?
    32. What updates will my device receive and how often should I update?
    33. My device has no signal, drops the signal, or shows me in an incorrect location.
    34. Why does it take me on a certain route when I know there is a better one?
    35. How do I find truck stops and other points of interest (POIs) on my device?
    36. How do I update my GPS?
    37. I tried to update my device on the Dock but the download failed. What should I do?
    38. How can I view the directions for my route?
    39. How do I adjust truck settings and warnings?
    40. What is the warranty on my GPS?
    41. How do I register my device?
    42. I’m having trouble finding an address
    43. What are the preferences that I can customize on my device?
    44. My device is displaying an error of Application Error.

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