Are the Rand McNally trucking apps available on other tablets or smartphones?

Categories: Tablets

No, Rand McNally does not offer its proprietary truck data or routing algorithms for other devices. Like our previous truck navigation products, the TND Tablet was designed from the ground up for the professional driver. It includes unique features such as a sturdy magnetic mount, inputs for external cameras, and a commercial-grade GPS antenna. 

Tablets and cell phones typically use small GPS receivers and Wi-Fi triangulation for location. These GPS receivers usually operate with lower sampling rates to save battery. Commercial truck drivers require exceptionally accurate location information, more than this consumer-grade technology can provide. That’s why the smart mount that comes with the TND Tablet has a much larger, commercial-grade GPS antenna for precise navigation. When disconnected, the TND Tablet does have the same built-in consumer-grade technology as other tablets for providing location information off the road.

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