I tried to update my device on the Dock but the download failed. What should I do?

Categories: RV GPS | Truck GPS | Troubleshooting

The most frequent cause of a "download failed" error is a slow or unstable Internet connection. There are several different types of updates. Some, like construction updates and occasional software updates, are smaller in size. The "Update Available" button on the Dock, a green arrow in a circle, denotes this type of update. Since these updates are smaller, they can usually be downloaded through a mobile hotspot. 

Map updates are available on an annual basis for devices with Lifetime Maps. Look for the "Map Update Available" button with a map icon and a green arrow. These are large files, and they require a strong Internet signal. We recommend a hard line connection with a LAN cable (a cable running from the modem to the computer) or a home Wi-Fi connection.

If your Internet connection is strong but the download continues to fail, please contact Technical Support. Before calling, open the Dock on your computer and connect your device so that our customer service team can resolve your issue more quickly.

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