How do I access Diagnostic information for my TND™ 760?

Categories: TND 760

To access Diagnostic information on your device, select the SysInfo icon on the Home Menu of your device. Then click the Diagnostics tab. Here you can view all of the following Diagnostics related information:

Status: Shows the current method of communication
Health Check: Confirms function of system hardware.
Cell: Provides status of cell connection.
Wi-Fi: Provides status of Wi-Fi connection.
Files: Shows files scheduled for download or upload.

  • Downloads to the truck can include software updates and dispatch files.
  • Transfer provides the current status of the file being transferred. If you are expecting a software update, you can look here to see the status of that download. The percentage shown indicates how much of the file has been received.

JBus: Confirms connection to on-board computer.
GPS: Captures latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction and provides debug information for the GPS. 

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