How do I access driver performance information on my TND™ 760?

Categories: TND 760

To access driver performance information on your TND™ 760, select the Stats icon on the Home Menu of your device. Stats opens to the Driver Performance tab. This tab displays the following:

  • Hard brakes – where vehicle speed is over 20MPH.
  • Miles/MPG
  • Idling percentages for Short, Mid and Long Idles.
  • Over Idle % - where idle is over your fleet’s grace period.
  • Over RPM%
  • Speeding%

You can tap the Show more metrics for today button to view a pop-up with information on Idle fuel, Stop idle %, Total Idle %, Driving %, Engine time and Motion time.

You can tap the Request metrics for month button to receive an update on driver performance. The report includes month-to-date information.

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