How do I add company information to my Rand McNally Connect web portal account?

Categories: TND 760 - Connect Web Portal

To add company information to your Rand McNally Connect web portal account, go to and log in using the account information included in the “Activation” email you received when you purchased your service plan.

Select the Management tab on the Connect web portal toolbar, and then select System Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Company Settings. Then choose the Default group by clicking the magnifying glass icon and selecting Default from the drop-down menu. On the Settings tab, click Edit, and enter the following company information:

  • DOT Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Time Zone

Select Apply Daylight Savings to apply daylight savings to your company’s time zone. To save the company information you’ve entered, click Save. You will then assign vehicles to the company by selecting the Members tab, then clicking Edit

To add more than one vehicle at a time to the company group, click the check box next to the vehicles you would like to add to the group, then click the arrow icons. To add vehicles one at a time to the group, drag and drop the vehicle names into the Members in Group column. Selecting the check box on the top of the list will move all vehicles at one time to the other side. To save the group, click Save.

The company information will then display in the HOS application on your TND™ 760 (HOS application > Company tab).

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