How do I check on my AS/400 On-Demand if I am running is Guide 18 or 19?

Categories: Milemaker

From a command line on the AS/400, type the command WRKACTJOB. This will list running jobs and tasks that are currently running on the system. Using your page up or down to locate the Subsytem/Job named MMAKERSBSD. Once this is located, arrow key to the far Left cursor field on the same line as MMAKERSBSD. Type option 5 in this field, and hit Enter. This will bring you to a "Work with Job" menu list where you should select number 10 from the list. Once this is done, it will show the job log text which indicates when the MMAKERSBSD started, and from which library it launched. If it reads: "...subsystem MMAKERSBSD in GDE19OND." Then the process was launched from the Guide 18 library, utilizing Guide 19 data files.

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