How do I control the map display on my RV GPS?

Categories: RV GPS

There are three ways to view the map on your RV GPS. Tap the current direction button  in the bottom bar on the map screen to set this preference. "Heading up" displays the route line vertically on the screen, and the map shifts accordingly. "North up" displays the vehicle in the middle of the screen as the map scrolls by. "3D" displays the map in perspective.

To adjust the map zoom level, use the plus and minus buttons on the right side. The map can also be set to zoom automatically, in "Preferences, Map." Set to auto scale to keep the current vehicle position and the next turn in view at all times. Set to street/city/county scale to specify the maximum scale of the zoom. (Note: Autozoom can slow down the map redraw speed, especially in 3D display.)

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