How do I know if routproc is running?

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To check the presence of routproc's activity on your system you can use the ps command. Please note the use of the character "pipe," the | above the backslash key. 

Example: the command ps -ef |grep routproc will return a screen as below: 

root 323 1 0 Nov-09 ? 00:00:09 routed  micro 4441 4429 0 10:44:09 ttyp0 00:00:00 ./routproc  micro 4444 4429 0 10:44:23 ttyp0 00:00:00 grep rout 

Notice above that on the right, routproc is listed. It was started by user micro, with a process ID of 4441 on today's date at 10:44AM, on tty number ttyp0. If no listing of "routproc" comes up on the far right, routproc is not running. The above example is based on SVR4 compliant UNIX flavors. Please consult your system administrator to re-launch the router process or contact technical support at (800) 234-4069.

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