How do I know if the ACA is running?

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Same as the method of checking for routproc's operation in the previous FAQ, you can use the ps command at the UNIX prompt.

See below: 

Command line: ps -ef |grep aca Provides the following: 

micro 4455 4429 0 10:49:45 ttyp0 00:00:00 ./aca

Notice above that on the right, aca is listed. It was started by user micro, with a process id of 4455 on today's date at 10:49AM, on tty number ttyp0. If no listing of "aca" comes up on the far right, the aca is not running. You may see it listed as: aca tcp &The "tcp" flag is to denote when the aca is using TCP/IP for communicating. (Sometimes with or without the "&" listed or tagged as a background process.)

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