How do I load MileMaker into a different directory structure?

Categories: Milemaker

Since the distribution tapes are created with full pathnames, you will need to extract the contents to either the default directory first, or create a symbolic link to point to another filesystem other than /usr/micro. You must also modify the file profile.19 which loads the appropriate environment variables the for application to operate. 

Below is an except of the profile.19 file: 

NETWORK_PATH=/usr/micro/g18/data/network.19 DATA_FILE_PATH=/usr/micro/g18/data/geo.19 STATE_IND_PATH=/usr/micro/g18/data/stateidx.19 

These environments must be changed to point to the new location of MileMaker's files. A change from /usr/micro to /apps within profile.19 may look like this: 

NETWORK_PATH=/apps/g18/data/network.19 DATA_FILE_PATH=/apps/g18/data/geo.19 STATE_IND_PATH=/apps/g18/data/stateidx.19

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