How do I send an email to my driver through the Rand McNally Connect web portal?

Categories: TND 760 - Connect Web Portal

The Messaging feature on the TND™ 760 supports two-way email messaging, with emails accommodating up to 2,400 characters.

To send a message to a driver from the Rand McNally Connect web portal, go to the Mail tab on the web portal toolbar. This will take you to your Inbox. To send a message, press the Compose Mail button. Here you can compose a message to a single driver, a group of drivers, a specific vehicle or a group of vehicles. You can also choose to transmit the message via Wi-Fi® or Cell, or Wi-Fi® only. Finally, you can send a Free Form message or a Form message, and attach a PDF file if desired. Compose your message in the space provided, and click Send.

Email messages are saved in the Rand McNally Connect web portal for 15 days.

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