How do I set up my DC 200™ S?

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Important: Your TND 740 must be running the most recent software version before pairing for the first time. To check for updates, connect your TND 740 to Wi-Fi. If updates are available, tap the “update” button on the bottom of the home screen, install all available updates, and then restart the device. Once your TND™ 740 is updated you're ready to proceed with set up.

The set up steps should be followed in this specific order:

1.Make sure your TND 740 software is up-to-date (see above).

2) Remove the existing powered slice from the magnetic mount of your TND 740.

3) Plug the DC 200  S into the diagnostic port.

4) Connect the other end of the cable into the DC 200  S.

5) Slide the DC 200 S into magnetic mount and attach your TND  740.
6) Open the DriverConnect app (pre-loaded on your TND  740  and follow the instructions to pair the app with your DC 200  S.

7) Within the app, register your DC 200™ S and sign up for a DriverConnect subscription. 

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