How do I show my driver logs on the TND™ 760 to a law enforcement official that pulls me over?

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When you are inspected by a law enforcement official, you can show your logs to him/her in three ways:

  1. Directly on the TND™ 760
  2. Email them
  3. Fax them

NOTE: Before you show your logs to a law enforcement official, you must certify all logs (except for the current day’s log).

Before showing your logs to a law enforcement official, place the device in Roadside Audit mode. This will ensure the officer is only able to view logs and DOT information, and nothing else.  Also, no log information can be changed by you or law enforcement while you are in Roadside Audit mode

To enter Roadside Audit mode go to HOS > Options > Change Mode > Roadside Audit.
Once you are done with the law enforcement official, click Roadside Audit again, and then click Normal.  You will then be prompted to enter your Driver ID, after which your device will be fully functioning again.

In addition to the Roadside Audit option, you can also fax or email your logs to a law enforcement official if he/she does not want to view them directly on your TND™ 760.  NOTE: Before you email or fax your logs to the law enforcement official, you must be in Roadside Audit mode.

To fax or email your logs, select the Options tab and click Fax/Email Logs.  Also note that you cannot send your logs unless you have certified all logs from the last 8 days.  Be sure to enter the correct fax number or email address, as you must wait 10 minutes before sending your logs again.  The law enforcement official will then receive your 8 days of log history.

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