How do I transfer my address book from an old device to a new one?

Categories: Truck GPS

You can transfer your address book from one device to another using the Rand McNally Dock.

  1. Connect your old device to your computer and open the Dock.
  2. On the Dock, select Settings and Maintenance.
  3. Select the option Back Up My Data.
  4. Click the green arrow to begin.
  5. When completed, you will see the message "Backup Complete."
  6. Disconnect the old device and connect the new device.
  7. Select Settings and Maintenance.
  8. Select Restore My Data.
  9. You will see a drop box with the serial numbers of the devices you have backed up along with the dates the backups occurred.
  10. Select the serial number of the device you want to restore from. If there are multipls backups for the device, choose the most recent.
  11. Once you've made a selection, click the green arrow.
  12. When you see the "Restore complete" screen, your address book has been transferred. You may disconnect the device.

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