How do I view the most critical fault codes generated by my trucks?

Categories: TND 760 - Connect Web Portal

If you have the Enterprise Plan, you can run the Vehicle JBus Faults report to view fault codes from your vehicle. To run the report, go to the Reports tab on the Connect web portal toolbar, and click Vehicle JBus Faults.

To view report by Vehicle, Vehicle Group, or All, enter the name of the entity you would like to report on in the text box provided or click the magnifying glass icon and select from the drop-down menu. The Default filter displays all fault codes. Click the Filter By Fault Code drop-down menu to narrow your results to only a particular fault code. Select the time interval for the data you would like to view by clicking the calendar icon, and then click Get Results. The Vehicle JBus Faults report can be run for as far back as six months from the current date.

NOTE: The Vehicle JBus Faults report Filter by Fault Code option displays all fault codes that are detected by all in-cab units installed in your organization's vehicles.  There are fault codes that are universal across many truck Original Equipment Manufactuers (OEMs), while others are specific to certain vehicle makes and models. For this reason, if you run a report by a particular fault code filter, this may not apply to all of the vehicles in your organization if you have several types of makes or models.

To save the report, you can download it to a spreadsheet format by clicking Export to Excel.

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