I entered an address, but the result was different from what I expected. Why?

Categories: Maps & Directions

There are several possible reasons. Our software does its best to recognize what you've typed and match it against a large database of addresses. For best results, try these tips:

Address field: We can only route to or map street addresses with street numbers and street names or the intersection of two streets. We are not able to recognize post office boxes, apartment numbers or vanity names for buildings. We also cannot recognize geographic features, names of housing developments, or names of businesses.

The street name you've entered may be spelled differently than the actual street. In this case, our system tries to find a close match to the street or city name that you've entered and returns that map. If no street match can be made, a map will be generated of the zip code area (if entered) or the city instead.

City and state fields: Although our system will try to find a close match for misspelled city names, for best results, use the exact spellings of all names. Make sure to double-check your spelling. If you're unsure of the state's abbreviation, click "state" for a full list of U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

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