If I am completing a non-driving activity, does this still count toward my total Hours of Service?

Categories: TND 760

Our system, inherent to the specification of EOBRs, automatically records any driving time (i.e. movement of the vehicle). On-duty time, off-duty and sleeper berth statuses are entered manually by the driver.

Any other time during the driver’s day where he/she is not driving is counted as on-duty status time. According to federal HOS rules, within a 24-hour period, a driver can be on duty for 14 hours, and of these 14 hours, can be driving for 11 hours, leaving 3 hours of time to be used for instances where a driver is performing non-driving duties.

If a driver needed to make a change to a log after the fact, he/she can change on-duty, off-duty and sleeper berth statuses (only if the fleet configures this; a fleet can also configure the system so that their drivers cannot edit any statuses once entered), but never driving status,as this is the key purpose of an EOBR device, to be a fool-proof way of capturing driving time.

For more information and specific instructions, you can view our Hours of Service training video. 

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