I’m having trouble finding an address

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To find an address, enter the name of the city/town first. Some cities with common names such as "Athens" have several types of names associated with a city. If a name does not display, continue typing characters until the name you are looking for displays, or tap "List" to display a longer list of city names. If a city name appears twice within a state, you may need to check both for your specific address.

After city, enter the street name and the number of the address. (You can enter the address number first by tapping the "House Number" button.) If the next letter in the street name can not be selected on the keyboard, tap "Expand Search" to search a greater area. The Expand Search button can also help locate addresses that may actually be in a different town, spelled slightly differently, or in a neighboring town.

If you're entering a State or County Route, it's typically best to first either enter the State or County initials (for example, State Road 535 would be entered as "SR") but you may also need to try other options, such as "State Road" or "CA" for California, for example.

You can also search by postal code, city center, intersection, or latitude/longitude.

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