My device has an all white Screen or it has vertical lines running through the screen.

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This issue will occur when there is a lack of power going to the GPS.  Your GPS needs to be plugged directly into the vehicle using the Rand McNally vehicle charger.  If you are using a splitter please remove that and plug the device directly into the vehicle.  After re-connecting the device directly to the vehicle press the rest button on the device.  The device will power on and function normally. 

If the screen does not display correctly after the reset, if possible plug the GPS into another vehicle and press reset.  If applicable pluf the device into a wall outlet and pres the reset button. 

If the device does not power on and function as it should and you are not using a splitter, have the device plugged directly into the car, and tried resetting the device while plugged into the car and/or wall, then it will need to come to our service facility for evaluation.

If your device is under warranty you can complete a return authorization by clicking here.  

If your device is Out of Warranty please call technical support for your repair options.  

Technical Support is available:

Monday – Friday

7am – 6pm (CST)


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