My device has no signal, drops the signal, or shows me in an incorrect location.

Last Updated: March 25, 2014

Categories: RV GPS | Truck GPS

No signal or weak signal normally occurs when device does not have a clear signal view of the sky. 

Your device requires a direct line of sight between the receiver and the satellites. When an object lies within the direct path, accuracy suffers due to reflections and weakening of signals. This can be the cause of lost signal in urban environments, within valleys, and on mountain slopes. In all three situations, the objects (buildings and the Earth itself) are substantial enough to completely block the GPS signals. When weak signals are received, they may have been reflected off buildings and the surrounding landscape. Reflections generate multi-path signals arriving with a small time delay at the receiver. This results in inaccurately calculated position.

To resolve a weak no no signal issue we suggest you reposition the device in the vehicle and allow it a couple minutes to recalibrate.  If there is no signal in the new position, step outside the vehicle with the unit.  Perform a reset by pressing the reset button found on the side or back of the device, depending on your model.  When the unit powers up, allow it a couple minutes to recalibrate its position.  If the unit will recevies a signal outside the vehicle but not inside, than there is something interfering with the GPS signal.  Do you have a large windshield overhang?  Do you have a dash camera?  A satellite radio?  We suggest turning off those devices to see if your unit will receive a signal. 

After trying the above recommendations your device still has no or a weak signal, please all Technical Support.

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