What are the technical requirements to use Rand McNally Classroom?

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Rand McNally Classroom is a web-based subscription with minimal technical requirements:


Web browser: PC users, please use Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox or Safari. Mac users, please use Safari.
Adobe Acrobat Reader: A current version, for saving and printing high quality maps.
Flash: Version 9 or higher (in order to use the interactive features of the website: Games & Activities, Map & Globe Skills, Interactive History Maps, and User Guide & Tutorial).
Microsoft Word: A current version for editing and saving lesson plans.

System Settings:

Display resolution: we recommend a display resolution of 800x600 pixels or better.
Cookies: We recommend enabling cookies so that Rand McNally Classroom can remember your login information.
Pop-up blocker: We recommend you turn off your pop-up block for randmcnallyclassroom.com so that files open properly in new windows.

Viewing Enhanced Graphics:

To enhance performance of the graphics contained on our website, Rand McNally utilizes a third party content provider to deliver multiple types of digital images. If you are using a firewall, or another form of internet security within your organization, you may need to add www.akamaitechnologies.com as well as www.akamai.net domains as trusted sites to your firewall or proxy server. Granting access to simply www.randmcnally.com however, will usually allow full traffic to the Classroom website.

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