What information do I need to enter to get a map or directions?

Categories: Maps & Directions

At a minimum we need a city and state/province or ZIP code. The following entries usually succeed in finding your location on a map:

ZIP code City, state City, state, ZIP code Address, city, state Intersection, city, state Address, city, state, ZIP code Intersection, city, state, ZIP code

Please note, if you have entered a city and a ZIP code, we show you the center of that ZIP code's area on the map. A ZIP code in a rural location may cover a large area and won't be centered on a city. If you don't get the map that you expected, enter the city and state, but leave out the ZIP code.

If you enter any of the above combinations and we are still unable to find your location, it's probably not in our database. Please let us know about any errors or omissions you find in our maps or directions, especially the names of towns and streets we may have been unable to locate for you. We will be sure to let our data suppliers know so they can review them for inclusion in their next update cycle.

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