What is the difference between Traffic Everywhere and Real Time Traffic?

Categories: RV GPS | Truck GPS

Traffic Everywhere and the Real Time Traffic Antenna are two separate technologies and services.

Traffic Everywhere provides up-to-the-minute traffic updates via the Internet for devices with a Wi-Fi connection. This solution offers the broadest base of traffic coverage available from Rand McNally. 

To purchase Traffic Everywhere, click here. You will receive a code with instructions on activating your subscription through the Dock. 

The Real-Time Traffic Receiver is an antenna that plugs into the GPS device. When you are within 30 miles of a major city, it scans local traffic information using a radio signal. While it does not provide the same detailed information as Traffic Everywhere, it is a good solution for devices that are not enabled for or connected to Wi-Fi.

To purchase the Real-Time Traffic Receiver, click here.

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