What is the difference between Traffic Everywhere and Real Time Traffic?

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Traffic Everywhere and the Real Time Traffic Antenna are two separate technologies and services.

Traffic Everywhere supplies up-to-the-minute traffic updates via the internet.  You will receive information about the Flow of Traffic & Incidents.  This service is compatible on the following products: 720, 520, 7715, 7720, or 7725.  In addition you will need to provide your own source of wireless internet to use this service.  This is mostly common done through the use of a Hotspot on your smart phone. This is our newest technology and provides the best and most accurate traffic information, 30 miles around you, no matter where you are in the country.

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The physical Real Time Traffic Antenna is a radio antenna which plugs into the GPS.  When you are within 30 miles of a major city, it scans local radio stations and will display any traffic information the local radio stations have updated.  No connection to the internet is needed.

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