What is the recording time on the dash cam and how are video files stored?

Categories: Tablets

On the default setting, the dash cam will record up to 1.9 GB (about 6 hours) of video on a loop that refreshes continuously. Turn on “Break video into multiple segments” in order to set a length of recording time anywhere from 1 minute (1 segment, 1 minute in length) to 150 minutes (15 segments, 10 minutes in length). Each segment will be saved as a separate video file. Once the set number of segments is reached, the oldest one will be erased and a new one recorded. The timer shows cumulative recording time. Stop the recording at any time to save the video file manually.

Videos may be saved on the tablet’s internal storage (in the Gallery app), on an SD card, or on an external drive connected via the micro USB port. Further capabilities and options for the dash cam may be available in future updates.

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