What operating system and browser do I need to use the Rand McNally Connect web portal?

Categories: TND 760 - Connect Web Portal

For best results with the Connect web portal, you should use Microsoft Windows® 98 or better, plus Internet Explorer (version 9).  For increased performance and visibility of the Mapping application supported by the Basic and Enterprise service plans, your browser should be configured correctly so maps and symbols display properly.

Please note that you MUST turn off the pop-up blocker so that pop-up windows within the Mapping application will open properly on your browser.

To change your browser settings for optimal performance:

Select Tools > Internet Options from right-hand section of the Internet Explorer tool bar.
Click the General tab, and then under the Browsing History section, click Settings.
Select Automatically to check for newer versions of stored pages.
Enter the amount of "Disk space to use" to at least 50 MB.
Click OK.

Click the Security tab and set the following options:
Select the Trusted Sites button.
Click Sites.
In Add this Web site to the zone, type:
Click Close.

Click the Privacy tab.
Uncheck the Turn on Pop-up Blocker option.
Click OK.

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