What updates will my device receive and how often should I update?

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Rand McNally provides multiple types of updates: RoadWork™ construction updates, software and smaller data updates, and map updates.

RoadWork™ construction updates are free and available to all users.  They are released the first week of every month and include long-term construction projects of 30 days or more.

Software and smaller data updates can include POIs, speed limits, and slights tweaks for better usability. These updates are free and available to all users, and are released a few times a year. They are slightly larger files than construction updates, and may contain map data. 

Both these types of updates can be downloaded via your mobile hotspot.  They are shown on the Dock with the following icon:

Map updates are available to users with a Lifetime Map subscription on a roughly annual basis. This updates the complete map database on your device with changes from new roads to vehicle restrictions. Due to the size of these updates, please ensure you are connected to a strong Internet connection, preferably a hard line connection with a LAN cable (a cable running from the modem to the computer) or a home Wi-Fi connection. We do not recommend the use of a mobile hotspot for large map updates. An SD card may be required to expand the available memory on your device. Map updates are shown on the Dock with the following icon:

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