Will the TND™ 760 connect to an older truck (like a 1992 Peterbilt)?

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Note that the 6 pin connector was not available until 1995. A 1992 Peterbilt would require a hard-wire install, but most likely would not supply RPM and speed data. The truck really needs to be 1995 or newer for the TND™ 760 to work as an EOBR on that truck.

For older trucks that are 1995 or newer, we can provide a 6-pin J1708 cable (plug & play install) or do a hard-wire install. The TND™ 760 supports both the J1708 and J1939 protocols.

You can purchase additional cable and mount options by visiting randmcnally.com/fleetaccessories.

If you have questions about alternative cables or install options, contact Rand McNally Customer Support at 1-800-641-RAND (7263) or  fleetsupport@randmcnally.com.

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