Rand McNally Online Repair Center

Welcome to the Rand McNally Online Repair Center.

Rand McNally is committed to providing you with timely and quality service. To have your device serviced, Rand McNally requires you submit a repair request, also called an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). This will allow us to provide the best quality, most accurate service based on your needs.

To get started, please begin your repair request by clicking the button below. You will be asked to provide your device serial number, so please have your device or serial number handy.

If you are experiencing software related issues such as error messages or freezing, please be sure to run the "Diagnostics & Repair" on your Rand McNally Dock™. In most cases, the "Diagnostics & Repair" will fix most issues without having to return your device for service.

To check the status of an existing RMA, please visit: http://www.randmcnally.com/rma