Troubleshooting Software Issues: "Diagnostics & Repair"

Follow the steps below to verify the integrity of software files on your GPS. Once the process is complete, you will have an option to repair any software-related issues that were discovered during the scan.

Please note that the process takes 30-60 minutes and requires that you have an Internet connection and keep your GPS connected to your computer.

The "Diagnostics & Repair" tool is part of the Rand McNally Dock™.
Please ensure that you have it setup, or download the Dock™ to your computer and follow the installation instructions here.

"Diagnostics & Repair" Instructions

Click here for a step-by-step visual walkthrough

  1. Connect your GPS to your computer using a USB cable and turn on the GPS. Be sure that you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Start the Rand McNally Dock™ on your computer.
  3. Select Settings & Maintenance:
  4. Select Diagnostic & Repair:
  5. Select Begin Diagnostic:
  6. Once the diagnostic scan is done, if any files are found to be corrupt, select Repair Files:
  7. Unplug the GPS from your computer and check to see if your problem was resolved

"Diagnostics & Repair": Step by Step

(1/9) The Dock's main screen. Select Settings and Maintenance on the bottom left. (2/9) The Settings screen. Select Diagnostics & Repair from the Maintenance row. (3/9) Click the green arrow to begin the process. (4/9) Once the process begins, you will be able to track its progress. (5/9) You can see how many files were checked and the estimated time for completion. (6/9) Once the process is complete, if no problems were detected, you can click Back to the main screen. (7/9) If one or more files on your GPS are corrupt, you will receive an option to repair those files. (8/9) The repair process replaces corrupt files with their original version. (9/9) Once the repair process is done, you can unplug your GPS and check if your problem was resolved.