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Put Down Your Phone & Pick Up an Activity Book

  • Put Down Your Phone & Pick Up an Activity Book
Stress can have serious mental and physical effects on adults. As people look for creative ways to unwind, it’s no wonder that adult activity books have taken the world by storm. Wouldn’t it be nice to be as carefree as a child again?

Five Bucket List Places to Take Your Family

Any parent knows that planning a trip with kids can take a lot of planning and patience. A vacation should be fun for the whole family, and include a little something for everyone. We’ve got you covered with some ideas for family-oriented vacation spots to help minimize stress and maximize fun!

Tips for Traveling to Harbor Country, Michigan

You don’t have to drive to the West Coast to visit an award-winning winery or take a picturesque drive along a winding shore. Michigan’s own Harbor Country has these in spades, putting any notion of a flat and boring Midwest to rest. Here are our top tips for enjoying a trip along Michigan’s beautiful south-western shore.

Explore D.C. Like a Local

People flood in from all over to visit our nation's capital. While the White House, the monuments, and the museums are all worth a visit, they can get a bit crowded during the height of tourist season. If you want a more authentic experience in DC, we’ve compiled a list of some off-the-beaten-path spots for you to try. Our guide will help you navigate the streets like a seasoned local and cultivate some great memories along the way.

Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

  • Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
On Monday, August 21st, 2017, a solar eclipse—a celestial event where the Moon passes through the Sun and the Earth—will take place. According to NASA, a solar eclipse can cast a shadow on Earth’s surface up to 168 miles wide. This shadow is referred to as the path of totality, and locations within this path will experience a total solar eclipse, when the moon’s disc completely covers the sun, causing temperatures to drop and the sky to darken.