America’s Top Luxury Destinations

If you are planning your next vacation and you're looking for glamour, opulence, and extravagence, then look no further than this article. This list of luxury getaways is all about the destination and what makes each of them an indulgent experience. 

4 Unique Girls’ Trip Destinations

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party, a birthday weekend, or just a girlfriends' getaway, choosing a destination can be the hardest part of planning. Luckily, Rand McNally has your back. Check out our list of unique getaways, sure to make your next girls' trip one to remember. 

9 Lesser-Known National Parks Worth the Visit

Visiting America's National Parks can feel like a post card come to life, from Grand Teton's mesmerizing mountain views to Yosemite's iconic plunging waterfalls. But, what about some of the newer or smaller parks that you might never have heard of? With a whopping 58 national parks across the nation, you can avoid the masses and experience some of the most spectacular and natural places that this country has to offer at these nine incredible parks. 

A Guide to Madison

While Madison, Wisconsin wears its college-town moniker proudly, the city's vibrant arts, culture, and foodie scenes prove it has much more to offer. Although we would never suggest skipping the seemingly city-wide football tailgate parties on Saturdays in the fall, there is definitely more to experience. Madison is also home to several James Beard-nominated restaurants, more than 200 miles of bike trails in and around the city, and five Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings. 

A Guide to the Nashville Food Scene

  • A Guide to the Nashville Food Scene
George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Nashville, Tennessee has always been known for its creative artist and music scene – but in recent years it’s also made a name for itself amongst the foodies of the world. So hit the road and head to where the tea is sweet and the chicken is hot. If you’re in need of some restaurant recommendations, here are some of our favorites.

Top 10 Road Trip Movies

  • Top 10 Road Trip Movies
Few methods of travel have inspired filmmakers as much as the great American road trip. With summer around the corner, you might start feeling the itch for an epic journey. If you hunger for adventure and the open road but aren't sure where to go next, try popping in one of these films for some inspiration! 

Map Crafts: DIY Luggage Tag

  • Map Crafts: DIY Luggage Tag
Add a touch of flair to your luggage with this easy-to-make luggage tag! Nothing screams adventure quite like a map, so we've crafted this luggage tag out of a premium Rand McNally map. Follow these instructions to create the perfect little addition to your next adventure. 

The Best of Louisville

Nestled in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky is Louisville—a big city with the heart of a small town that is steeped in tradition. Brimming with history, culture, bourbon, and a penchant for southern hospitality, it’s no wonder this charming metropolis is becoming an increasingly popular destination (Forbes just named it one of 10 Coolest Cities to Visit in 2018). In the past decade, the city has blossomed as a home of cultural expression with a diverse range of things to see and do. If you happen to be passing through—or make it your destination—we recommend checking out some of these awesome places. Oh, and if you really want to fit in, pronounce it “LOU-uh-vull.”

The Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the U.S.

Although St. Patrick's Day honors the patron saint of Ireland, the largest celebrations are in the United States. Originally a sedate, religious holiday, the St. Patrick's Day we know today was reinvented by Irish immigrants as a way to celebrate their heritage. While most cities across the U.S. have some type of celebration, we've rounded up the destinations that really go all out for St. Paddy's Day. Featuring bagpipe players, pub crawls, green rivers and green fountains, you're guaranteed to feel some Celtic pride, even if you're just Irish for the day. 

Wallet-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

Don't be fooled—spring break doesn't have to break your budget. From the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the chic metropolis of Montreal, we've found wallet-friendly destinations perfect for the whole family. 

Presidential Estates You Must Visit

It’s strange to think of our U.S. Presidents residing somewhere other than the White House, but each President had a place to call home before or after their presidency that helped shape them into the historical figures we know today.  Whether you’re a fan of American history or not, these estates once owned by former U.S. Presidents should be on your bucket list. Take a look at the top Presidential Estates you must visit.

Most Romantic Destinations in the Nation

Planning a trip for two? Feel the love in these romantic getaways. Whether you are looking to relax and gaze into each other’s eyes or engage in daring activities and get your heart racing, our guide will help you find the destination that is perfect for you.

Mardi Gras Celebrations Across the USA

When you think today’s Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) you think of grabbing your friends and family for a night of partying in the streets - but did you know that the origins of the celebration can actually be traced all the way back to medieval Europe? This traditional festival of feasting and merriment before the long abstinence of Lent was made an official holiday on the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. When the French came to protect their claim on Louisiana in the 1700s, they didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to celebrate and brought the party with them – thus laying the framework for one of the biggest celebrations in the nation. Now you can find Mardi Gras festivities at various restaurants and events across the country, but if you want a truly authentic experience then head to these cities!

Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

  • Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road
On the road it is easy to succumb to the ease of hitting up the closest fast food joint when your hunger starts to kick in. But, just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy foods that are high in fat, sodium, and sugar that will leave you feeling tired and bloated. Healthier options will have a positive impact on your body and so you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on the road ahead. Instead of pulling off the highway to grab an artery-clogging burger, try some of our tips for nutritious alternatives.

Travel Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

With the holidays in the rearview mirror and the fresh winter snowfall turning to gray sludge, for many people, this is the time of year when winter has lost its charm. Rather than spending the rest of the season counting down the days until you can open a kitchen window without risking frostbite, take a break from the gloom and head out to one of our country's sunnier destinations. These warm-weather travel spots are the perfect antidote to the winter blues.